What’s In Your Mental Diet?

At Juiced June, I talked about how our subconscious is always on. It is always recording everything, all the time. Everything you see, read, hear and feel is memorised by the unconscious mind. Even things you don’t want to absorb, like that slightly offensive billboard, goes in. It goes in unchecked and affects our beliefs systems and therefore our lives.

When it comes to physically putting food into our bodies, we are all aware that what we eat affects the health of our body. Our body rebuilds and repairs itself using the fuel we give it. Hence the phrase you are what you eat.


The connection between the quality and quantity of food we consume, and the workings (or failings) of our body are proven and accepted. What’s less understood or considered is the impact which our mental diet has on our thinking and consequently our lives. As with the body, there is a strong connection between what we put in and what we get out.

At the most basic level, the quality of your life will depend upon the quality of the decisions you make every day. We make thousands of micro-decisions a day from whether we snooze or get up, to what to wear. They seem unimportant, but together they create your life, inspiring or dull, healthy or ill, effective or ineffective. So, those of us keen to get a better, happier, more fulfilling and more successful life must make better decisions. When we are conscious we can do so. But, sadly this is only 5% of the time. The rest of the time we are acting unconsciously, which to most of us means repeating patterns of behaviour that we call habit.

Changing habits is hard because it involves getting our subconscious on board. There are several tools that can enable us to do this, but all tools will struggle if our basic mental diet is full of crap. So what do I mean by crap? Technical term, obviously, for anything you read, watch or listen to that reinforces negative beliefs. If you hang around with people who think, “only 1% can have an extraordinary life, so why bother” – then that will impact your own subconscious beliefs. Which in turn affects those subconscious behaviours, habits and decisions. Even if, you, in your conscious mind, believes you are just as able of having an extraordinary life as the top 1%. (Which you are!).

Get your 5-a-day. And I don’t mean fruit and veg. Though that too, because mind and body are connected. I mean read positive and inspirational books that reinforce the beliefs you need to believe to live your dream life. We need to believe we can succeed so fill your brain with that. Watch films where the hero makes it against all odds. Hang around with other successful people. Turn off reality TV and the song with angry lyrics. Burn the gossip mags and reduce wasted time making social media comparisons. Then watch your self-image improve and your judgemental habits start to wane.

In short, raise your awareness and raise the bar! Fill your mind with everything it needs to carry out positive unconscious behaviours, which align with your goals. Remember, the subconscious mind is always listening, even when you are not.

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