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Fearless Public Speaking

A photo of Charlotte Thornton doing stand-up

Charlotte uses her theatre and stand-up experience to help you and your corporation make better presentations, pitches and speeches.

Why improve your public speaking?

You don’t need to be an after dinner speaker to understand the importance of having excellent public speaking skills. The ability to speak well is a tool as vital in small meetings as in a large public arena. The ability to persuade and inform gives each employee an edge over their colleagues, and each company an edge over their competitors. Whether you have an internal presentation, a pitch to future clients or a talk to make at an exhibition, get the best training to ensure you can communicate with ease and skill. We live in a world of communications, yet speaking in public can make even the most senior executive anxious. Take the course that will make speaking in public, not only easy and effective, but fun!

Benefits: More successful pitches, increased corporate credibility, confident employees who feel valued.

Charlotte Thornton’s Training. What’s the difference?
Charlotte understands what it takes to step out in front of ten, fifty or a hundred+ people and speak. She can turn around your fears and concerns so that speaking in public is fun. Who better to make public speaking easy than a trained actress who has written and performed her own stand-up comedy in pressurized environments like the Gong Night at London’s Comedy Store. Charlotte’s experience in stand up means she has performed for the hardest audience and has the writing skills to liven up any speech. Inevitably her training sessions are also energetic, fun and will shake-up your creativity as well as leaving you confident to face any audience.

What will Charlotte’s course entail?
As a trained actress with over a decade experience in performing (including West End and The National Theatre) Charlotte will teach you:
Objectives: What you want the presentation to achieve, what you want to get out of the training session.
How to prepare; vocal exercises, breathing, relaxation, setting the room to your advantage, tricks to cope with nerves
How to deliver: Using the body and voice to engage, maintain interest, inspire, move, be confident. Energy, Rhythm, pace, emphasis, intonation, gestures, visual aids and props.
Q&A Strategy: How to control of the Q&A to your advantage. Answering well, dealing with difficult questions or questioners.Making the Q&A session strengthen your presentation

In addition Charlotte can use her writing skills on the speech or presentation itself. The best strong openings, memorable endings and proven structures to evoke the reaction you desire. How to use language effectively. How to avoid common pitfalls that weaken the presentation and you. Making a great speech say and do what you want it to.



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