Juiced June!

Do you ever fee as an actor a bit jaded? Like, inspiration and enthusiasm are waning? Like you’re all alone for one and things don’t seem fair for two?

You’re left wondering why you didn’t get that part, or didn’t get seen for it even? Then you fear your energy and thinking will negatively impact your results – which it does.

Time to get Juiced!

Juiced is an exciting NEW event hosted by former West End actor, agent and coach, Charlotte Thornton. Including success strategies, from her book, Talent isn’t Enough, each month will cover a vital component for acting success, plus advice, tips, exercises and the chance for 1-2-1 Q&A.

Juiced June will look at Conquering the Enemy Within, looking at how we are in our own way, in such a big way. Yet, this is an area over which we could have more control, if only we knew how…

Stop blocking your own success and get re-inspired with positivity and self-belief.

Juiced June is the launch so there will also be giveaways on the night, copies of my book Talent isn’t Enough and the chance to WIN a 1-2-1 Mentoring Session with me in London, plus much more.

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Photographer Copyright Gleb TV via 123RF